The Fastest, Least Disruptive Assembly Booth In The WORLD...

Come and meet our pride and joy… The most entertaining photo booth in the world, come and take a peek at our unique and EXCLUSIVE selection of Giggle Booth’s…

Giggle Booth Image

The Giggle Booth’s are born and raised initially in our Hampshire facility where we teach them everything they need to know about capturing hilarious photos and printing them quickly in high quality. Well that’s what we like to believe anyway, all of our booths are equipped with the very best in digital photo capture and printing equipment.

On top of these cool features you can also enjoy – Elegant LED Downlighting in the Roof and Fancy Side Curtains in Red or Black (Other Colours on Request)

Our booths can be assembled within just a few minutes with minimal disruption. To ensure we run to schedule we always aim to be at your venue 1 hour before you want the booth to start so we can set-up, clean, and test the booth ready for your guests to use it.

The booths all undergo regular ‘health checks’ to ensure they are running at their best, and are both PAT certificated and covered under our Public Liability Insurances.

Inside you’ll find a comfy bench seat which enables your guests to sit down, relax and enjoy the Giggle Booth experience. We aren’t a fan of standing for our photo – it feels to formal, you can pull much funnier faces if you’re sat on one of our benches!




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