It doesn’t have to ruin your day.

That’s right, many brides fear the dreaded ‘rain’ but it actually doesn’t have to be something to worry about.

Living in the UK, we are prone to more unpredictable weather than in other countries. The fear we often hear from brides is what will happen if it rains.

Well, having been in the wedding industry for the last few years – we think its ALWAYS best to be prepared. It works for the scouts, so it should work for the most important day of your life too.

So here are our 6 Top Tips To Deal With Rain On Your Wedding Day.

  1. The Back-Up Plan

    When choosing your venue, enjoy the outside space they have – but always make sure you speak to the venue about the options for if it rains; and ensure those areas are decorated and prepared in case you need them on the day. Its better to be prepared in advance than stressing on the day about where to put people.

  2. Think About Your Guests

    Have you got everything you need to make them comfortable should it rain. If indoor space is limited, have you thought about other options that could be prepared in advance – marquees, shelters, or even personalised umbrellas?

  3. Style The Rain

    You could be really cool about the situation and embrace it, by creating a unique style for your guests should the rain show up on your day. For example, provide welly boots, umbrellas, ponchos – most of these things can bear an emblem or note to personalise them and make them resemble the other special touches of your day

  4. The Photos

    Visit the venue on a wet and miserable day so the photographer can assess the venue. If that’s not an option visit anyway, so the photographer can understand the venue layout and where shots may be possible. Have them prepare a shot list for both indoor and outdoor locations taking into account the potential for rain.

  5. Indoors The New Outdoors

    Making sure there is plenty to do indoors is essential to help you relax on the day. If you have plenty of activities planned for indoor then if it rains, you are protected and if its sunny, you can simply relocate the items.

  6. …Relax, Have Fun, Get Married…

    Come rain or shine – at the end of your special day you’ll be married to your special friend and soul mate. So don’t worry. The weather is something you can’t control, if its sunny enjoy it, and if you happen to run into a bit of rain – embrace it, and move on. Leave the worrying to the wedding party and the venue staff, for an even more stress free experience provide them with written instruction on exactly what steps they should take if it rains.

Of course, one way to avoid letting rain spoil your day is to make sure you have plenty of indoor entertainment planned. You can find out more about hiring a Giggle Booth by clicking here.


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November 8, 2015