Planning your wedding can give you many decisions to make, and one of them is whether or not to have a photo booth.

In this article, we reveal why you absolutely should have a photo booth at your wedding.

Once reserved just for passport photos, or your driving licence – photo booths have become a fun way to take photos that doesn’t rely on smartphones and horrible gadgets.

There is something magical about hiding behind a curtain and making memories!

If you remember the fun of cramming in with your friends at the shopping centre, or arcade – then just think how hilarious that could be now, with a few alcoholic beverages and a big box of props.

Photo booths at weddings have been popping up since around 2008 in the UK, and much longer in the states.

Gaining in popularity over the last few years, with a sudden boom around 2012, photo booths have become as essential as a wedding dress or cake.

Although many variations have been and gone, the traditional wedding photo booth is here to stay and here’s why…

Reason 1: People Love Photos

Lets face it, taking photos is an everyday thing now.

We are a nation of photo loving maniacs.

From selfies to professional photos, taking photos is a great way to make memories and photo booths do this in a natural and fun way suitable for the very youngest to the more senior of guests.

Reason 2: The Best Guest Book

In the olden days people used to pass around those guest books, and you’d get all of 10 messages in them saying


These days there is a fun option that actually means you get a guest book full of messages.

You see, with a wedding photo booth we’ll create a guest book for you and you’ll be left with the messages your guests write in the book, but also a copy of their photo booth pictures

Its quite a fun way to make a guest book, and what you are left with is far better than any of those old guest books!

Reason 3: Fun Favors

Everyone who has a photo gets to take home a piece of the day with them.

A personalised photo print.

Many couples are now using the booth as a way of producing favors.

You can also take it a step further and use one of our photo gift options to create something really special for your guests.

Options include keyrings, fridge magnets or our new personalised photo folders.

All of which can be personalised for your day.

Reason 4: Keep The Party Going

Do you know the biggest secret to having a wedding everyone talks about?

Give them a great time, and keep the party going.

Far too many weddings are over by 10:30pm as guests slope off.

Make your wedding a party everyone wants to be at until the end.

Hire a great DJ or band, keep the food and drink flowing and give them something fun to do when they aren’t dancing or eating… a photo booth is exactly what you need.

A photo booth session lasts a few minutes, but the memories it creates last a lifetime and the laughter it creates can go on for hours – its the best way to entertain your guests.

Although lots of booth packages vary with the number of hours and other options, make sure your booth is on site between 7pm-11pm for the best results.

(Photo booths keep guests from 0-100 entertained, everyone loves a photo booth session – even the guests you think of as shy!)

Reason 5: Ice Breaker

Know a great way to introduce family members and friends to each other, some all will only be meeting for the first time at your wedding?

Throw them in the booth together!

Kid you not, its like an instant friend creator.

People go in to a booth strangers and come out best friends.

It happens all the time.

Weddings are about bringing all these new family and friends together, so help your guests out by giving them an easy way to do it.

For added fun, why not make it a game and give everyone a random name who they have to have a photo with.

Reason 6: Instant Prints

When was the last time you held a photograph? Probably ages ago.

But nothing beats looking at your photos printed out.

They suddenly become different and more enjoyable.

All of your photo booth photos are printed instantly – in a layout with all 4 of the photos captured during your photo booth session, and you can choose from various designs – all printed on either a traditional passport photo strip or a photo postcard.

All in super high quality, printed instantly and touch dry too!

Reason 7: Age No Problem

Whether you are thinking of fun things for children, teenagers, adults or the elderly – the great thing about photo booths is they appeal to all age groups.

Not many things in the world can do that, but your trusty old photo booth is a hit no matter what age you are.

I guess creating memories, and having fun appeals to us all.

Reason 8: Double Digital

If getting your photos printed instantly and a copy for the book wasn’t enough, those awesome photo booth pictures can also be provided in digital form giving you many more options to extend the fun.

Share them on Facebook or one of the other social media platforms.

Print off additional copies.

Turn your photos into gifts – mugs, mousemats, etc.

Blow up the pics onto canvases.

…or just bribe guests for extra wedding presents to stop pictures of them in feather boas and sombreros going viral.

Reason 9: More Evening Photos

Your photographers will be capturing all the great formal photos, but for the ones that show real personality and natural shots – your booth is the place to capture fun photos in the evening.

On average our booths capture 400-500 photos a night, and 99% of them will make you Giggle.

Plus we guarantee you’ll find lots of the people who manage to hide from the photographer!



October 25, 2017