On Monday 23rd April 2018, a number of our managers met at the lovely Willow Barns, just around the corner from our Head Office in the Hampshire countryside.

Fuelled by some fantastic food and drink, they discussed how we could improve our service even more for 2018.

What was decided and signed-off on Monday, was a complete overhaul of the delivery of our service.

Our core service is to weddings, and this is where we focus. We have attended thousands of weddings since we began in 2010, and are lucky enough to attend around 2,500 each year.

We have tried to appeal to a wider range of couples, but realise we have a type of customer who we enjoy working with the most; and whom we tend to get the very best results for.

That is people who are focused on exactly what our memory making machines do, the level of service and support we provide, the quality of the products and service we provide AND are led by the experience we can provide NOT the budget.

So we will no longer be offering a range of packages.

We will no longer be offering different prices for different days.

…and we’ve taken everything our customers have said, our managers have experienced and put it all together to create the Giggle Booth Experience.

The Giggle Booth Experience will launch on Friday 27th April 2018, and this will be the only service we will offer.

It is a luxury, premium photo booth experience that will provide you with everything we’ve already wowed thousands of couples with, along with a few new things.

All backed-up by our world famous service, including the ‘Pre Event Consultation’, our premium designs, local branch network, named booking concierge service and more.

We’ll continue to help you spread the cost of your wedding with our payment plan options.

If you’ve already got a booking – you’ll be able to upgrade to the new service for a small fee; or continue with the package you already have.

If you haven’t yet booked us, you’ll have until 5pm on Friday 27th April to book any of our existing packages at a discount.

From Saturday 28th April we will no longer be offering any packages, but one luxury experience that is backed up by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

More details will be available on our website from Friday, but please note prices will start from £699 inclusive of VAT and delivery.

If you’d like to discuss a booking before then, please contact us on 0203 189 1934 or email [email protected]

April 25, 2018